Dabur Almond Hair Oil (100ml)

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Dabur Almond Hair Oil for Damaged Hair Solution
Love styling your hair but scared of the damage it will cause them? Use Dabur Almond Hair oil and bid adieu to all your hair problems. Enriched with the goodness of Almond protein and Vitamin E, regular use of Dabur Almond Hair Oil help prevent split-ends and hair loss, promote hair growth and restore the natural moisture of the scalp; thus giving you longer, thicker & lustrous hair. So perm your hair or colour them but don’t forget to nourish them with a healthy dose of Dabur Almond Hair Oil.
Why Dabur Almond Hair Oil?
Prevents hair loss & damage
Nourishes the scalp
Rich in Vitamin E
Softens your hair & make them glow
Apply all over the head
Gently massage the oil onto the scalp using your fingertips
Leave it for an hour
Rinse-off with Dabur Almond Shampoo for best results


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