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The world’s number 1 male deodorant AXE, presents ‘AXE signature’ – a range of premium body perfumes with 0 percent gas. Designed by the world’s leading perfumers, AXE signature body perfumes are concentrated with 3x more perfume. These body perfumes are not only stronger, they also last longer, helping you make an unforgettable impression when it matters the most. Live it up – enjoy every moment and every occasion with AXE signature rogue body perfume. Crispy, citrus notes combine with sweet vanilla, warm wood and rich amber to create this smooth and long-lasting perfume. A sweet yet strong fragrance, it will complement your boyish charm and mischievous personality perfectly. The luscious aroma of this unique fragrance lasts for up to 24 hours, giving you long-lasting, all-day freshness. Complete your morning preparation with the unforgettable fragrance of AXE signature rogue body perfume. Simply spray it directly on your skin, underarms, chest and neck. Add that extra twist to your style. Like you’ve got something different from the rest, helping you make an impression that lingers on. Don’t fade away like the rest. Catch attention and arouse curiosity in the moments that count. Leave your signature with the AXE signature range of body perfumes.


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