BeSure Glucose Powder Orange Flavour – 500 g 1

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BeSure Glucose Powder Orange Flavour – 500 g 1

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Get the energy rush and be the winner at the game with this Orange Flavour Glucose Powder brought to you by BeSure. It is a good source of instant energy and act as a fast aid during illness and tiredness due to summer heat. It contains essential mineral and salts which instantly rehydrate, reload and refuel our body with energy like no other. This glucose powder is unlike any other and contains premium quality ingredients. The perfect formulation instantly helps the body restore essential minerals, salts, water and energy lost through action and exercise. This glucose powder thus helps one to stay energised for longer. Once consumed your body is replenished with energy and it helps you to do more of what is required. It is meant for consumption in active, sporty, hot and sweaty conditions.FSSAI’s Initiative on Safe & Nutritious Food. Please visit

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