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Dove Care & Protect Beauty Bar. Removing germs can be tough on your skin, but Dove Care & Protect is different from ordinary soaps. With plant-based cleansers and Doves moisturising cream, Dove Care & Protect beauty bar effectively washes away germs while also protecting skin from dryness. Dove Care & Protect beauty bar helps to replenish moisture that is lost during the cleansing process where a regular soap bar might leave your skin feeling dry and tight, Dove Care & Protect effectively washes away germs and the classic moisturizing, pH-balanced formula of Dove bars will leave skin softer, smoother and more glowing. Remove germs & moisturise your skin with the 100% caring formula of Dove Care & Protect beauty bar. Dove is the No.1 soap Brand recommended by dermatologists. It is suitable for sensitive skin. For best results, lather up your Dove Care & Protect Beauty bathing bar and massage the smooth, creamy lather over your face and body before rinsing thoroughly. Regular soap may dry out your skin, but the moisturizing formula of Dove bars will leave skin softer, smoother and more glowing. Try Dove, And feel the Dove difference to get soft, smooth and glowing skin.


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