Gillette Gaurd Rzr 5s 120

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Gillette Guard Cartridge, in a pack of 5 + 1 units, is designed to be a single blade system with a safety comb. This helps prevent cuts, nicks and other razor related wounds. This cartridge when used along with the corresponding razor, helps in easy maneuvering along the curves of the face and the neck in order to provide a precise, smooth and a comfortable shave. These Cartridges are supposed to be used along with the Gillette Guard Razor.

Get one FREE Gillette Guard Cartridge along with this cartridge pack
Benefits of Gillette Guard Cartridge
Single blade system along with a safety comb Prevents cuts and nicks Helps in the easy gliding across the curves of your face and neck Provides a precise and a comfortable shave
Replace the old cartridge of your Gillette Guard Razor with the new Gillette Guard Cartridge as and when it is required. After which, you can use it for shaving – apply a shaving gel or foam or cream of your choosing, and use the razor to glide across the face and neck for a smooth and comfortable shave.


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