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Effectively cleans & protects for soft, smooth and healthy skin
Holds triple weight of moisturizing lotion
Advanced fiber technology works like a sponge
Made with ultra-fine fabric
Ideal for diaper change
Clinically proven mild
Alcohol free, soap free, totally safe baby wipes
We love babies.

And we understand how important it is to keep baby’s skin clean, while staying soft, supple and healthy.

That’s why we have improved JOHNSON’S® BABY SKINCARE WIPES. Its new advanced fiber technology works like a sponge to effectively remove dirt and impurities; holds triple weight of moisturizing lotion, leaving a protective barrier that helps prevent nappy rash; and is made with ultra-fine fabric, for the most delicate newborn skin, these are extremely safe wipes for baby.
Mums trust JOHNSON’S® Always Mild, Gentle and Effective

Available in: 80s, 20s, 10s


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