Johnson baby care collection – Green

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JOHNSON’S® baby soap 75g
JOHNSON’S® baby powder 100g
JOHNSON’S® baby oil 50ml
Specially designed comb for babies
Cotton bib made of 100 percent organic fibre
JOHNSON’S® baby care collection is an exclusive gifting collection carefully selected to help a new mother celebrate her journey of nurturing a happy, healthy baby. It embodies JOHNSON’S® promise to millions of parents across the world a promise of being the best for baby. This thoughtful assortment comprises best for baby JOHNSON’S® products like JOHNSON’S® baby soap 75g, JOHNSON’S® baby powder 100g and JOHNSON’S® baby oil 50ml, a special cotton bib made of 100 percent organic fibre for your little one’s comfort and a specially designed comb for babies.

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