SF Secure Cottony 7’s Wings

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• If you want a pad with the feel and comfort of cloth, try Stayfree Secure® Cottony Regular. It perfectly fits your body and has wings to prevent the pad from moving, thus ensuring there is no side leakage. With these cotton sanitary pads enjoy a comfortable feel and all-day protection. Trust STAYFREE® cotton pads and stay secure and confident however you move.

Length: 230mm
Made for Regular periods
Odour Control System helps prevent odour and keeps you fresh and confident all day
Super absorb design stays close, absorbs more and helps prevent leaks
Available in 4, 7 and 20 counts
*Based on internal lab tests.

As the features of this product describe, these cotton napkins for periods come with a technology best-suited to manage your regular periods and make these days hassle-free for you. With such a product, let go of your worries and live your life without any fear or concern regarding periods!


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